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Want to know Italy and make lots of friends while traveling? We have the right package for you! Prefer to travel in small groups? We have exclusive tours for small groups! Just tell us what your dream trip is in this beautiful country and we make it happen! Try enjoy a Italian cuisine with one of our courses or food tour packages.

Destination: Italy, la nostra specialità!

Have you thought about getting to know Italy? Certainly yes, after all, who has never dreamed of taking a vacation in this splendid country, full of mountains, lakes, islands, thermal baths, volcanoes and beautiful beaches, bathed in magnificent blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Imagine the same waters that kings, emperors and armies have already crossed, knowing the country that has in its territory centuries of history and culture. In addition explore the most seen places on film screens like Venice, Naples, Milan, Florence, Pisa and the Eternal City: Rome.

Considered a timeless country, Italy unites past, present and future, creating an environment that covers all tastes and styles. From fashion to the religion you find only in the diversified Italian territory. Milan, the land of fashion and the technological heart of Italy. Venice, its canals and alleys lavish romanticism, is a city that makes anyone fall in love. Florence the city of culture with beautiful historic palaces and sculptures made by artists of weight in the world of art, small and beautiful, is a much sought after destination.

An about the italian food? It is an explosion of taste!

Rome is the cradle of the modern civilization that keeps on its roads, and in the underground millennia of history as well as hides so many secrets to be discovered by the visitors. Especially in the ancient buildings of the Roman empire that have crossed eras and been preserved by the Italian people. Art, Architecture and Engineering unite to beautify and give life to the city that still houses structures such as the Colosseum, which shows remnants of its glory days.

A discovery at every step, Rome is an important archaeological center and houses a vast collection of art composed of sculptures, frescoes and paintings. Moreover, curiously, it is the only city in the world that houses an entire country - the Vatican. From this, it can be said that it is the richest place in the world, not only monetary but culturally, since it counts on one of the most important museums of the planet.

Pizza! Che fame!

The Italian Cuisine? This is really a separate topic, such is its importance in the country. If food with gastronomic sophistication is attributed to France, Italy is the place of real pleasures of taste to eat well and without reservations. The abundance of succulent dishes, textures and colors is due to the variety of the country itself, which located between continental land and islands, has varied temperatures. The cuisine, perhaps, is one of the most genuine riches of the Italian people, because it is produced in all its extension. There, it is possible to savor from a delicious pasta covered with succulent sauces to a dish composed only of seafood, vegetables or grains - all natural and without any processing. Regions such as Lazio, Tuscany, Sicily and Sardinia are known for gastronomic delicacies that are born from the hands of native people. Who don't know the italian cuisine classics like espresso coffee, the pizzas, lasanhas and the gelato, the famous ice cream and the best that exists on the face of the earth, without exageration!

The happiness that Italy emanates, with its colors, its sun, its pleasant climate, its organization and its warm people, are an invitation to any traveler who wishes to know the world. After all, how to know the history of humanity and ignore the land where it became civilization, where what was chaotic found order and established itself by beauty - natural and built?


Falcor Travels is a company specialized in tours in Italy, offering packages ranging from the most traditional tourist route, to those who wish to know the ancient and wonderful constructions of that country, to courses and mini courses for lovers of culture and gastronomy.

Get to know our services and tour packages in Italy and fulfill your dream of knowing the country that has offered so much and offers the world to have a dominant culture.

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For those who want to immerse themselves even more in the rich Italian culture, we have two novelties:

  • Italian Cooking Course from "A" to "Z" + Tour (Italy - Rome and Province - 1 Week)

You will love to attend classes in a renowned cooking school, certified by the Federazione Italiana Cuochi (FIC), at the same time as you know more of the charms of Italy in tours in Rome and genuinely Italian provincial towns.


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