RISOTTO AND ARANCINI course a Sicilian delight


Arancini stuffed with tomato, mincemeat and mozzarella

When: 10.00-14.00 pm 1 lessons (weekdays)

Rice that contains multiple nutritional qualities, appears in infinite forms in almost every table in the world … we will learn together the different Italian ways of cooking it, from risotto to pies, to the rice and arancini salads and why they are so delicious.


Course & tasting price:

12 participants fee per person- € 147,00

24 participants fee per person– € 137,00



If you already have a group, but need to find a good hotel and transportation, we can help you organize everything. Ask us for information now.


Important Note:

  • In the case of a group of 24 people, the group will be divide in 2 classes of 12 people morning and afternoon.  The room has availability for only 12 students per class. So groups need to always be 12 or 24 people. In case of more people do not worry we will accommodate in a larger room only from 30 people.
  • The classes are in the heart of Rome or province, and it will depend on the availability of the chefs.
  • The printed certificate of attendance will be given for all courses booked at least 30 days in advance. Otherwise we will send you the digital version via email.
  • All the classes will be in English (Chef or Interpreter).
  • In case the group is less than 24 people or 12 people the amount will be charged according to the proportion of the group.
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