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Cook like a Roman Jew



In this course you will learn how to cook the specialties of typical Roman Jewish cuisine (La Cucina Ebraica Romana).

La Cucina Ebraica is one of the typical cuisines of Rome. It is an old tradition full of delicious dishes and full of creativity like: carciofi alla giudia, filetti di baccalà fritti, pizza dolce ebraica and much more.

This class will be a fantastic experience in the Roman Jewish world!

In this class you will learn: to make a classic Roman Jewish meal.

Please note: some kosher ingredients may be included at an extra cost.


When:  Every day   except Fridays at 4:00 pm (every day)

Where: Rome city center

Duration: 3 hours in a single day

Language: English / Italian

The chef speaks English all the time in class




– Hands on course with a chef

– Students and chef will buy the necessary ingredients on the fresh food market

– Aperitifs and local drinks will be service

– Classes will be taken in an open kitchen

– Each cook will have his own personal workstation

– Eating the food creations at the end



Family atmosphere, great option to learn and have fun together with friends and relatives.

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Private course is also available fee: € 320 max 2 people and € 190,00 for add people

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