Exclusive Roman starters and Pizza course 2 in 1 from € 107,00

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 Exclusive Roman starters and Pizza course

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In the heart of Rome you will have your practical cooking class in a 17th century building

Here in Italy, meals always start with antipasti (starters) and these are usually fried, like a Suppli (tomato risotto stuffed with mozzarella and rolled in breadcrumbs !), zucchine fritte (courgette flower) with mozzarella and anchovies, is one of the typical Roman dishes. Also a simple bruschetta with local oil is also a celebrated appetizer to be enjoyed before the pizza.

In this lesson you will learn: to make pizza, pasta and sauce, as well as some classic roman starters. All of this finished with perfect lunch of Italian starters and pizza.

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When: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00 am

Where: Rome city center

Duration: 3 hours in a single day

Language: English* / Italian

* * The chef speaks English all the time in class

***This course exists in private mode, and you can choose between Gelato or tiramisu instead of the starters.  

When: Tuesday to Saturday at 09:30-11:00 am or at 01:00 (no market time)

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– Hands on course with a chef

– All ingredients and materials are included

– Aperitifs and local drinks will be service

– Classes will be taken in an open kitchen

– Each cook will have his own personal workstation

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Family atmosphere, great option to learn and have fun together with friends and relatives.

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Shared class fee: € 107,00

Private course is also available fee: € 490,00 maximum 4 people and € 110,00 per additional person.

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