Cooking COURSE in Italy

Travel to an incredible country,visit exciting places and learn the secrets of the Italian cuisine

Ever imagined going to Italy to participate in an exclusive tour and still study with renowned Italian chefs?

And all of this (and much more) at a great price?

Discover our advantages (Why travel with us?)

Do not miss the chance to have fun, travel and do a cultural immersion!

  • Accommodation in tourist category hotel
  • Meals included
  • Study with top notch Italian chefs
  • 20 hours hands-on cooking course
  • Simultaneous interpreter in all lessons [of the course] (English-Italian)
  • Enrollment fee included
  • 7 Tours, either touristic or gastronomic
  • Guides in english language
  • Transportation to the attractions
  • Tickets to museums
  • Transfer at arrival and departure
  • Certificate of Attendance, certified by an Italian institution

All the benefits for you

  • Meet new places
  • Learn to cook with real chefs
  • Discovering the "Family Secrets" of Italian Food
  • Take worthy postcards
  • To win an international participation certificate
  • Have a lot of fun
  • Try new delights of Italian food
  • Make new friends and interact with people with common interests.
  • Have a cultural immersion in Italian culture
  • After the course you will be able to cook delicious meals for friends and relatives
  • And if you come from gastronomy professions you will add value to your job with an international certificate of Italian cuisine

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What’s in the course: Get to know the best course options we have for you

Italian Cuisine from A to Z

In this course you will learn how to cook the most important Italian dishes. You will also learn the secrets of the Italian cuisine and it's gastronomic culture, from the pasta, the secondi (meat and fish) to the dessert. There will be a special day dedicated to the Roman cuisine Carbonara, amatriciana or other dishes you will learn. Dishes may vary according to the season of the year.

Italian Pizza and Bread

You will learn the main techniques and secrets to make Italian pizza and its many variations, as well as special techniques to make authentic Italian breads. A whole day for making Italian desserts is also included in the program.

* Each course consists of 20 hours of intensive practical lessons, where you will have fun and taste so many delights.

Come have fun with us! And go to sensational places like:

  • The main sights of Rome such as the Colosseum, Imperial Forums, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and many other wonders and secrets of Rome.
  • The town of Monterotondo - the land of biscuits and wine, a unique town that preserves a very authentic piece of Italy
  • The medieval town of Mentanna - stage to the great garibaldine battles, where you can see a surprising medieval castle.
  • Tivoli - visit the Villa Adriana museum, a heritage sight listed by UNESCO, it’s an exceptional complex of classic buildings created in the 2nd century BC by the Roman Emperor Hadrian. Also visit the Medieval Town of Montecelio in the mountains. (Is Montecelio part of Tivoli? Or is it a separate city?
  • Visit a farm producing authentic Italian products, where we will purchases the ingredients that will be used during the cooking lessons.
  • We will make a tour through ''the trails of Sabina oil road " learning about the origins of olive oil in Italy. We will also visit olive plantations and an oil factory, where you will have a unique opportunity to know how the olive oil is produced.

Our differences:

  • All classes are developed by renowned Italian chefs within the Italia Multiculturale cooking school
  • Don't you speak Italian? No problem, there will always be an English interpreter to help you. They will simultaneously translate the whole lesson.
  • The tour will always be accompanied by a guide or interpreter in English.
  • Typical Italian food will be served during meals.
  • We accept children and teenagers from the age 12 accompanied by an adult

What are they saying about us?

When, where and how?

The course and tours will be taken in the city of Rome and its surroundings cities

The trip lasts 8 days

Dates scheduled for 2024 will be: from 02 to 09 of April

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