A serious, determined team with a vast level of excellence and experience in the world of tourism, this is Falcor Travels. Our company was created with the purpose of providing an innovative segment in vacation packages mainly to destinations in Italy. We offer airline tickets, accommodation, travel insurance and language and cooking courses. The strong commitment and care with the client, make Falcor Travels a highly preferred and credible agency. We believe that to make a wonderful trip and to realize your dream of getting to know your favorite city or country, you do not have to worry or waste time with exhaustive research. But a criterion is needed in the organization and choice of the most viable services. And we are experts at doing this for you. We will help you with the best tour options and so you can make the trip you’ve always dreamed of.

Have you ever imagined getting to know the essence and all details of this incredible country called Italy? Fun, culture, religion, history, breathtaking landscapes and great Italian cuisine is what we will take you to discover.

We specialize in organizing courses in Italian cuisine, Italian wines and food tours. If you want to know the true Italian culture come with us.

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