Professional Cooking Courses for Groups in Italy

Learn to cook with your favorite people



Learn to cook with your favorite people, enjoying together a cooking courses for groups in Italy!

Nothing makes learning easier and more fun when you are doing it with a bunch of your own best people in life. Making some time with your group and then have a professional cooking course for Italian food from one of the best chefs will be a great and memorable experience for you. It will be one of your best tours of Italy with your loved ones.

Italy has a rich culture in terms of foods, architecture and famous for its hospitality. Whenever you hear the word “Italy”, first thing to come on your mind is the delicious Italian food.This eternal city can provide you the best food and worth seeing glimpses of Roman dynasty. Learning from the professional chefs will enable your group to do professional cooking after going back home.


If you are planning of a vacation in Italy, you just have to start imagining it: arising hills, unforgettable landscapes and the history associated with the Roman Dynasty will amaze you so much that you won’t be able to forget this place except in your dreams.

Leaning in the presence of your own group helps you a lot that’s why we have designed a course for people who come in groups.We are offering many professional cooking courses for groups in Italy in which you will learn to make Risotto and Arancini, Pastries, finger food and best pasta in Rome.

Learning can only be done in an environment made for learning and Italy has surely one of that natural environments in which people can learn in a very short time.

Food and wine tour in Italy for your group


Italy is one of the best spots for tourist because of its richness in landscapes and breath-taking views while some other prefer to go and have some professional learning experience from the chefs. We are providing you both, the cooking course for your group and tour to the best Italy landmarks.

Having food and wine tour in Italy is more like exploring their cultural traditions. Most people come for just sight-seeing but to come to learn will make you feel like a local in Italy and you will enjoy even more by mixing yourself in with the people there.

If you really want to explore and enjoy truly, start it by learning about their food culture and their traditions. If that’s what you want to get, we have the perfect match for you.


Cooking Courses for Groups in Italy just to enjoy together


We are providing the best professional cooking courses for groups in Italy which allows you to have a group of 12 or 24 members of your own choice at affordable prices.

The cooking course classes are of 20 hours which we assure will be the best time during your stay with us. All your transportation cost will also be covered by us too. You don’t have to be worried about anything, as we always deliver what we say to our customers.

With our best chefs, you will be able to learn to make some of the mouth-watering dishes of Italy. Our cooking course classes are in English so that you can easily understand them in no time. This cooking course also includes seven touristic food and wine tours which in addition to enjoying and making memories will also add to your cooking knowledge. We will surely make this one of your best tours of Italy.


Our professional cooking courses for groups in Italy are provided in the heart of Rome for your easy access to other monuments as well.

It is the hub of delicious foods and one of the main training places for new chefs. It is said that great chefs learn to make best pasta in Rome.

So, if you want to enhance your cooking skills, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab seats for your whole group at the most affordable price with luxurious stay.


Knowing about their food culture and traditions


Trip to Italy cannot be considered as completed if you didn’t explore their food culture and traditions. We have this program for your whole group which is a blend of Italian cooking classes which enables your group to interact with Italians and know about their traditions. Italians have a very friendly nature which makes you feel relaxed and joyful.

With our professional cooking courses for groups in Italy you will learn technique to make awesome looking and delicious food at home. Our cookery classes in Italy will allow all your group to delve into the depth of all thing Italy, as you explore the traditions that lie behind every delicious dish in our perfect kitchens.

You will learn the secret of the most delicious cuisine in the entire world in Italy!


You will have all facilities and a perfect learning environment for sure which will enhance your learning ability with time. Our chefs and interpreter are very cooperative and will never overwhelm you. The classes are available in the morning and in the evening out of which you can choose which time suits you well. You will never forget this wonderful this wonderful experience with us in Rome.

The culture and traditions of Italy and our hospitality will force you to come here again and again. You will simply enjoy every moment of being in Italy and the people you met here.

Our professional cooking classes for group in italy will enable you to make new friends from other country too which will also vast your experience and made your experience about Italian food.



So, what are you waiting for? If the above is all you want in Italy for your entire group, then you are at the right place on the internet. Our packages are of the most affordable and perfect for a group of people who have come to Italy to learn about the cuisine and master’s in it.

We will be glad to guide you more about our packages and the luxuries we are providing in our package. Just contact us and book seats for your whole group with us.

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