Taste of Testaccio in Walking Food Tour in Rome

The Place for Food Lovers


Taste of Testaccio in Walking Food Tour in Rome, the Place for Food Lovers

Testaccio is a place where people do more than just great. It is the old working-class district of Rome which is at a short way south from Colosseum. Although it is not as much attractive as most of the areas of Rome but when it comes to food then surely Testaccio has a great history in Italian food and history.

Testaccio has a crucial importance in the food culture of Italy and it is enriched with great history that made it stand out.

It is the birthplace of Roman cuisine that’s why it is known as “Heart of the Rome” to the locals and your food tour in Rome would surely be incomplete without the walking food tour in Testaccio. Everyone who has want to be a great cook in the future must have this best food and wine tour of Italy.


Testaccio is famous for its walking food tour through the city’s most delicious and unusual neighborhoods.

The Taste of Testaccio in walking food tour in Rome is 3 hours long walk which will literally made you feel like a roman even if you don’t know the language. The fabulous and awesome cuisine on the walking tour in Testaccio will leave you in awe.

There are many cultural landmarks which are cherished by everyone and will surely make your tour one of the best tours of Italy.

If you are choosing Italy as your next travel spot, then you should have a walking tour in Testaccio neighborhood of Rome. Rome travel has always been fun and full of knowledge for food lovers and you will enjoy a lot with us.

About our Walking Food Tour

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The walking food tour which we are offering are one of the best packages you will ever find because of its differentials from other packages over the internet. We have best guiders for you which will guide you both in English and Italian language about the Italian food and different culture and traditions of Italy.

Taste of Testaccio in walking food tour in Rome package also include best food and wine tastings for you and all this at an affordable cost. You will also get to taste best pasta in Rome which you will not ever forget. You don’t have to worry about anything related to your tour when you are with us.

If you are a family and have children, then this couldn’t get any better for you because children can also join this in your company.


Our team will give you best advice about your packing that what should and what shouldn’t be included in your luggage during Rome travel. On this tour, we recommend you take some comfortable clothes and shoes according to the season, so you don’t face any problem while walking around on the tour.

Apart from the walking tour our team will also tell you some great spots and monument around there which you can visit and make some unforgettable memories with your friends or family. We assure you that you will fell in love with this beautiful place and their friendly people and this tour will be one of the best tours of Italy for you.

Our guiders will take you to the best Roman specialty food shops, famous markets and trattorias (an Italian-style eating establishment) for all of you to feel like an Italian.

Taste of Testaccio in walking food tour in Rome will always compel you to visit Testaccio again and again.


Knowing more about Testaccio


A mix of cultural sightseeing, food culture education, funny local anecdotes and of course the food tasting, the Taste of Testaccio in walking food tour in Rome is the perfect way to understand about Italians.

Wine is considered as a part of culture for Italians and to learn about that we have also included wine tastings in our package so that you can truly enjoy your Italian food. You will get to taste some of the best wines because of which Italy is famous for.


There are also many beautiful places for you to visit in Testaccio which you will never forget. Some of these include Monte Testaccio which is in the center of Testaccio neighborhood and is a must to visit place for every tourist that comes here. Other places to visit include Non-Catholic Cemetery and Testaccio pyramid. They will surely make you want that this food tour in Rome never end.


Cooking Course and Tour in Italy


To learn about how to make those delicious food which you just tasted in walking tour, there are also cooking course in Italy so that you can learn it professionally and capture that delicious Italian taste in your hands by having hands on training with our best chefs. You will learn to make best pasta in Rome, pizza and yummy Italian sweets too.

We are giving you a chance to learn all of this at an awesome price only for you so that you can learn it and be a professional cook. Our cooking course has many advantages over the other offered packages on internet and are loved by our customers every time.


We will provide you accommodation in tourists category hotels including your meal cost, cooking classes cost, transportation cost and seven tours either touristic or gastronomic to the best places of Italy. It will be your best food and wine tour in Italy with us.

Most of your miscellaneous cost are included in our package too such as enrollment fees, museum ticket fees and transfer at your arrival and departure. So, what are you waiting for? You can’t have any better offer than this at such an affordable price from us. We bet you.

Don’t waste your time scrolling over the internet and register for the most economic and most covering costs package than others because for us all that matter is customer satisfaction.

Feel free to discuss us about your plans related to tours in Italy at the most affordable price and with the best cooperative team you will ever get. See our packages here.

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